• After trying 101 diets, losing weight and gaining it all back plus a couple more pounds, I decided it was time to change my eating habits and my lifestyle for good. I wanted to support, with healthy food decisions, all the hard work I was putting into the CrossFit classes. My biggest struggle was how to make those decisions. My fear was that I was going to undo all of the progress I was making while working out (you know those burpees don’t come easy) with the food I was eating.  Food was becoming an issue for me, and not because I was indulging or making bad choices but because I was very self-conscious about what I was eating. Consequently, I wasn’t eating enough and this was impacting my performance. I was feeling weak and frustrated.   Luckily, I made one of the best decisions I made so far after joining 202Strong. I decided to work with Coach Shannon! Her scientific knowledge in the field of nutrition is both remarkable and impressive.  She knows this field so well! She is able to explain things to you in a way that makes you connect with your own body, understanding how it works and what its needs are. She is simply amazing!   Shannon is extremely knowledgeable and at the same time she also practices what she preaches. So you know it works! I consider her an emergent leader from her field… she is practicing and leading from the front.   From the very first meeting and through our 6 weeks working together, I felt comfortable, in control, optimistic and supported. Shannon took the time to get to know me and my personal nutrition goals and current lifestyle. Week after week she introduced new foods, new topics, and new objectives for me to work on.   I never felt restricted about what I could or couldn’t eat. It never felt like I was on a diet. If anything, I felt excited about trying all these new things she was recommending based on what she knew I liked. We kept and shared a food journal and I was pleasantly surprised every time she shared personal notes and feedback with me. It felt so good to know that I wasn’t doing this alone!   The emotional component was critical and crucial for me. Shannon possesses a high level of maturity and knowledge. She understands the impact of how managing your eating choices and changing them can also have an impact on your emotional state. She made me internalize the basic and primary reasons why I was making these changes, and this stuck with me.   It’s been now more than 6 weeks and I feel that the changes I made have become permanent.   Shannon is also very technology oriented and while we were not physically in the same town she managed to make it up for the miles between us. Through Skype, shared folders in Google, calls, emails and even sharing posts and pictures on Instagram and Facebook, the exchange of information was fun, accurate, instantaneous and permanent.  I now have my own folder full of personalized notes and guidelines to go to whenever I need it. Working with Shannon felt like working with a friend that cares about you. She went the extra mile to help me and support my goals  Her compassion, empathy, maturity and flexibility are the winning combo for anybody that wants to work with a coach towards making permanent lifestyle changes. My overall experience working with Shannon was simply amazing. It was a journey to be continued…

    Monica Rivera
  • I first started working with Shannon through the Eatwell Program at Crossfit's 202 Strong and since then I have maintained the healthy eating lifestyle that she had introduced, post-challenge.  I have learned to love the new foods that were introduced and the many ways you could have them with your meals.  I love to eat and did not think that eating healthy could also be so delicious.  It actually feels like I'm eating 'gourmet' food everyday. Through Shannon's guidance, I have learned to eat properly, make dietary decisions better and enjoy the taste of real whole foods now, without even having to add any condiments. I'm not depriving myself by eating small portions. I eat a full plate, don't get hungry nor feel deprived, but still met my goal of losing weight.   Shannon listens and understands each person's needs and situation and suggests why my past eating lifestyle (which I thought was already healthy enough) was not working. She made me understand not to be afraid of eating the healthy fats and that it actually would help me lose weight and keep me from my constant cravings to snack.     She is so dedicated and passionate that whenever  I ask her a question, she explains them thoroughly, that there's no room for doubt.  She even gives you tips of what to buy, where to get them and a few other resources.  She is always a wealth of information and knowledge and always so happy and eager to help.  Today, 5 months later, I don't think I could go back.  Everything I've learned from her just makes me think twice what I put in my mouth. I also like to workout; everyday, even twice a day if I could and switching to the lifestyle habits that Shannon has helped me incorporate into my life has given me tremendous energy, confidence and a good feeling everyday.  Eating healthy can really be delicious and easy. Thank you, Shannon. I'm so glad I've met you.

    Eileen Nadal
  • I recently had the pleasure of being apart of Shannon's book club. Featuring the book "Eat the yolks" by Liz Wolfe. When the invitation was extended to me to join I was curious, it being my first book club. I was excited to read the book and discuss it with new friends with bright minds. The book shined light on new ideas that changed the way I look at food. I was that girl that only ate the egg whites safe to say I now eat the WHOLE egg and it's so delicious. As well as real butter and real healthy fats. "Knowledge is power." Taking the knowledge I have gained from Shannon and the book have been, oh so beneficial. My favorite part was meeting Shannon. Her infectious personality, her love for health and nutrition and her love for others is so genuine I admire what she does, who she is and what she believes in. Looking forward to her next book club.

    Tanesha Boles
  • My nutrition journey with Shannon Keating has been incredibly insightful and pivotal towards my health and wellness goals. Growing up, I had always struggled with eating and fitness. Throughout the years, I found my love for fitness and began to see the results I never thought I could achieve. However, as time began to pass I hit this wall called a plateau. Again, I struggled with losing weight and feeling well.  At this point I began to focus on nutrition. I tried endless ways of addressing my eating, everything from intermittent fasting to cutting calories. Nothing seemed to work. It was not until I began to receive Shannon’s guidance, did I realize that the first stepping-stone to good nutrition starts with a right mindset.   She helped me form a better relationship with food and taught me to approach nutrition with a healthy balance. Working with Shannon this past year has transformed my mind, renewed my health, and enabled me to have grace for my body. I’ve become so much more knowledgeable about which foods to eat, and which to avoid.  I learned not to punish myself if I happen to eat something that is not the healthiest choice, but to bounce back in the right direction.  It was hard at first to change my habits, and addiction to sugar, but with determination and Shannon’s help I am overcoming.    Today, I find myself gravitating to healthier, whole meals and cutting down my sugar intake by 80 percent. WILLING! I cannot picture my new lifestyle reverting back to my old ways. Shannon’s expertise and commitment to my success/ well-being really was the resource I needed to change my life positively. The best part of Shannon’s service is the built in goal to teach you to be self-sufficient after a certain time.  Many health programs leave you dependent on them for life, but Shannon wants to equip you with the right tools, knowledge and strength to go ahead independently once you feel ready.  She is setting you up for LIFE-LONG SUCCESS.

    Grace Philip
  • Thank you Shannon Keating! Your 90 minute consultation and interview today was very enlightening! You shared several specific best practices that I need to adopt and I'm looking forward to receiving your customized report/recommendations next week. If anyone would like to learn more about giving your body the nutrition it needs and dealing with stress, I highly recommend reaching out to work with Shannon. Thank you Shannon!

    Chip Holcher:
  • Shannon’s book club provides an joyous community of like minded pals that are seeking to learn more about nutrition and lifestyle in an intimate setting. Shannon's warm and gracious teaching style and attitude make the book club the highlight of my week! Highly recommend to any and all.

    Kamille Perry



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